Invisible, Visible Me



We are more than just our physical bodies, the physical is the visible us, the rest is the invisible.

The four aspects of our Spirit /Body need to be balanced in order to create good health and wellness, self healing, peace, joy, happiness. Just like the four legs on a chair, each one is equally important and depends on each other. If one leg is missing, the chair is off balance and cannot function properly.

FREE WILL and FREEDOM TO CHOOSE enables us to EVOLVE or stay the way we are.
Question is Are you happy ?- YES / NO


       THE VISIBLE YOU    1/4 of your being

THE BODY – is your physical body and your  five senses which enable you to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch the physical world.

Needs – good nutrition, beneficial exercise, adequate rest, fresh air and water.


       THE INVISIBLE YOU     3/4 of your being

EMOTIONAL ENERGY FIELD – your feelings that range from Fear and Anger to Love and Joy,

Needs – to give and receive love, forgiveness; compassion, empathy; to laugh and experience joyful relationships with self and others; to experience and process all emotions freely.

MENTAL ENERGY FIELD – your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs intellect, knowledge, imagination, analytical self, programming, patterning  and habits.

Needs – supportive attitudes, beliefs, positive constructive thoughts or viewpoints, positive self-image. meditation, calming the chitter chatter by quietening the chaos in the mind.

SPIRIT ENERGY FIELD – your essence and sense of being; your relationship with yourself, your creativity, your life purpose; your relationship with a Higher Power, the Universe, Source, Creator or GOD. whichever term you choose to use to describe Life force or Life source; connected to all that is.

Needs –  peace, calmness, intuition, awareness, openness to your own creativity, inspiration, inner knowing, understanding, and connection to your Heart and Soul.

When all needs are met ALL aspects are able to work harmoniously and effortlessly with each other in synchronization to create the healthiest, happiest and most EMPOWERED YOU.


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