Reiki Certification



  Reiki can be learned by everyone
who is open and willing to recognize
this healing energy flowing within them.
Once learned, Reiki is with you always.


Reiki is a simplistic way of living, it helps remove all the worry, confusion, emotions, judgements, and angers that can build up over time.
Reiki is a way of embracing life to its fullest potential creating a more calm, serene, gracious way of being.
Reiki is a way of bringing the past and future into the present, to heal emotions and old wounds, and to invite or restore balance and harmony into every aspect of life. 

Every home should have Reiki, every person , young or old should learn Reiki.
Reiki is pure Love to be given and received each day.

How I teach Reiki is a little different, I offer a Mentorship for 1 – 2 people

When I refer to ” I ” as in “I do this” or “I do that”, this is not EGO speaking, this is purely because I am the one facilitating your class and this is what works for me and what works for the students who choose to study Reiki with me. 

I honor the origins of Reiki,
I honor Usui,
I honor the Principles of Reiki.
I honor each and every student for their uniqueness
I honor the” self journey” that each and every person is travelling.
I provide a safe, comfortable, nurturing space for you.
I welcome all who are wanting to make changes in their life,
who are willing to take a closer look at themselves,
who are open to new possibilities
who know that the only person that can heal a person.. is One`s Self.

I teach Reiki very much as “Self Journey”,  as Body, Mind and Spirit through “Self Reiki”

I take time with each student to help them understand how Reiki can
assist them to stay on track or to get back on track.
I take time to address some individual challenges that a student might be facing to help them discover how Reiki can help a person to move through these challenges.
I take time to help students develop their own sensory awareness skills, for everyone senses energy differently, and students need to develop their own language of sensing energy.

Some students see energy, some feel energy, some do not sense anything at all and that is perfectly ok.
When I first learned Reiki I did not see, feel, hear, sense anything at all, I learned to Trust The Process from day one. After several months I still did not feel or see energy, but clients would comment on what they sensed and felt, this is when it registered for me that Reiki was more then me, much more.

One of the wonderful qualities of Reiki is that it does not depend on what a person senses , feels or sees, Reiki Works!  Energy Works!  Simple as that !
“It is what it is and it does what it does”…. good old Winnie The Pooh
This is one of the reasons for keeping Reiki simplistic, and also for keeping our EGO out of it.

Those who work with Reiki remain humble, for we recognize that we are facilitators only, we channel the Universal Energy and the Universal Energy does what it needs to do.

If you are considering taking Reiki Certification, you may be shopping around and see a wide variance of Reiki styles, prices, or length of courses, this can be very confusing for a person.
There are some things to consider ;
prices vary, what do you get for your money ,
what is the experience for the student,
how many attunements will you receive,
how many students in a class,

When communicating to potential teachers, be sure to ask as many questions as you need to.
Be sure to get a sense of their values, their understanding of what Reiki is, do you feel comfortable when talking to them. If you choose, you can always ask to meet or receive a session from them first so you can check them out.

Learning Reiki is a very special time for students, an opportunity for self growth, self awareness, self discovery, self empowerment, it is a huge step on your Self Journey.

Choose the teacher who will –
best help you on your personal journey,
help you to truly understand what Reiki is,
help you develop your own sensory awareness,
help you discover  your own inner gifts,
help you integrate Reiki into your daily life.


Learning Reiki changes your life. 
It would be an honor to share Reiki with you as your teacher . 



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