Healing Hearts Centre


“It`s All about YOU”
Begin Your Self Discovery Journey Today

 Our philosophy is:
“Always come from heart and be true to one`s self,
  for that is the road to success” 


Our intention is to provide a loving safe environment where people can
come to discover one`s self and enjoy getting to know themselves better.

This is a place of self study to help create self awareness on many different levels.

It is a place where you will grow and become more self-empowered,
self-confident and self-sufficient.

It is a place where you will learn to open your heart and shine the light that is your soul.

We offer classes, workshops, individual one to one coaching and mentoring.

We welcome all who are on their path to opening their hearts and minds
to a new way of seeing life, one filled with love, hope, happiness and joy.


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