Self Journey – One to One Counsulting

One to One

create your own journey

Where you go is your choice. 

How fast or slow you go is your choice

How you get there is your choice


Enjoy your journey
to a better you


“Hazel Help”     2  hrs   $150
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Designed for the individual who is
– wanting to make long lasting changes in their life,
– willing to take an active role in their own healing journey,
– willing to look more closely at themselves,
– open to suggestions, new ideas or new thought processes
– seeking that “something”  but not sure what that “something” is.


Each session is designed specifically to your needs on the day and may begin with
a rainbow reading to help determine what you currently need to focus on.

Clients are asked to be open, honest and willing to address personal issues that they
may be struggling with or need guidance with, all information is shared in the
strictest of confidence.

You will have an opportunity to help structure your own progress, this will depend on how much you are willing to put into practice all that is learned or discovered during each visit.

It is recommended that at the beginning you have several sessions in a short time period, this will help to jump start your progress.



It can take 6 -12 weeks or more
to develop a habit, good or bad.

Individual session – $150 each
Purchase a 6 Session Program –    $750.00   (Reg $900 – $125 per session)
Purchase a 10 Session Program –  $1000.00 (Reg $1500 – $100 per session)


These sessions are a great opportunity to help you to
– truly commit to improving oneself,
– create Self Worth, Self Esteem, Self  Confidence, Self Growth,
– discover underlying reasons for your ill health or energy blocks,
– release and let go of old issues that you may or not be aware of at this time.
– make the positive changes you want to make in your lifestyle,
– invite unconditional love into your life
– connect to your inner self and higher self
– open your heart to yourself and others
– forgive yourself and others

The best investment you can make is in yourself and in your own health and happiness.
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