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      Healing Mandala
         created by
      Hazel Butterworth      mandala white background 

Mantra-  Continuous Strong Flowing Healing White Light

This image may be downloaded to your computer for your personal use only.

It may not be printed, copied or used for any other purpose.
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This mandala breaks up white light into the rainbow colours as we know them.
Download this mandala and you can meditate with it.
Focus on the mandala, what colour or colours are you attracted to?
Allow that colour to enter your energy field and travel where it needs to go.
It may go directly to the chakra it represents or it may go to another area.
Breathe this colour, absorb the energy of this colour.
You will know when your body as absorbed enough.
This mandala can be used daily to help balance your Personal Rainbow .
When using this mandala, note how you are feeling,
what you are sensing and where you are sensing something.

If you would like to share your responses to this mandala
please contact me  

The circle represents continuous energy flow
The square represent strength, power, rigid, 
A soft square means it has some flexibility
Orange is energy
Green is Healing 
White light is the rainbow of colour
Inside the mandala is a you surrounded by rainbows of White Light

Together they represent –
 Continuous Strong Flowing Healing White Light
that is directed towards you.