Are these services covered by Health plans?

Reiki is now becoming main stream and recognized by more Health authorities
Some health plans cover Reiki within their flex benefits.
Check with your provider to see if you have coverage.
If Reiki or Energy work is not covered in your current plan, you may want to
consider requesting these services  as part of your flex package.
The more we ask for these services to be covered the more we are likely to
see them become an integral part of our coverage.
Be a voice, be a part of the changes we need to make.
The louder the voices the more they will hear us.


    How do I choose the right teacher for me 

When you are ready to learn….ask the Universe to help you find the right teacher for your present needs and be open to signs and signals to direct you. You may be surprised at how quickly something will present itself.

Hazel recommends you meet with your teacher before investing in a class, if possible book a session, check out their premises, get a feel or sense about the place, ask questions about the upcoming class and how they teach the course, or communicate by email, ask questions, find out what type of person the teacher is.  It is good to know before hand if you will resonate with this person, by visiting with them or by emailing them you will be able to get a sense or feeling that will guide you and help you to make your decision.

Trust you inner guidance systems. A teacher can have a profound affect on a student,
you want to make sure that you will get the perfect teacher for you and for your needs.
It is important to know that your teacher is coming from heart, that they are sincere,
supportive, knowledgeable, understanding, and that they can relate to you.

When considering the cost of a class, be sure to ask what you will be getting for your investment as classes can vary. The investment you are really making is in yourself and your own life, so consider the fact that this investment will last a lifetime and make your choices consciously with your own best interest at heart.


 How many sessions do I need? 

It is up to you, one session can benefit you, however it is recommended that you book several close together at the beginning of any issue that you wish to work with, this is because you are setting your energy in motion during a session, the effects of this session will last a while but unless you are maintaining a routine of meditation or Body, Mind, Spirit connections, you will soon feel sluggish again. It is easier to maintain energy in motion than to overcome inertia to start energy in motion.

Think of yourself as a spinning top… when in motion you keep spinning until the energy fizzles., then it falls over and stops. The best way to keep your energy in motion is to focus on your own energy centres and energy fields and take the necessary steps to ensure they are always in motion. This can be done many ways either by yourself or with an energy  practitioner.


How many coaching sessions do I need?

Some clients begin with having a session once a week for the first 6 weeks, then once every two weeks, then once a month for maintenance. It will then depend on each client how many more sessions they choose to have. To find out more  about the Mentorship  book a FREE 30mins call with Hazel NOW



    How much should I invest?  $ $ $

$ $ $ $ $
When considering investing time and money, consider investing it in yourself and your family. Education and experiences last a lifetime and you will reap the rewards and returns for your investments.  Choose Self Investment, it will be time and money well spent     $ $ $ $ $


   Can I learn to do this for myself?

Absolutely. You are always encouraged to learn techniques that you can do for yourself, at home or work. If you choose , you can become certified in Reiki or Colour Sound.