Energy bubble -the invisible you

 You are much more than your physical body.

 The invisible you is your energetic self, it is made up of your feelings, thoughts, personality. We can recognize it in others when we can sense how a person is feeling without speaking, we can pick up on their vibrations. These vibrations are very physical, they have a ripple effect that travels within our bodies similar to the ripples we see on water. 

To understand wellness, it helps to think of yourself  as a team, made up of several members.For the team to be effective each member (each aspect of yourself) must have its needs met and work harmoniously with
the other team members.
These aspects are:

PHYSICAL YOU ….(your body)
***Your tangible structure and your five senses which enable you to*** touch, see, hear, smell, and taste the world around you

EMOTIONAL YOU …(your feelings)
***Your range of feelings from fear and anger to love and joy.

MENTAL YOU …(your thoughts)
***Your knowledge, attitudes and beliefs, your analytical self.

SPIRITUAL YOU …(your spirit)
***Your relationship with yourself, your creativity, your life purpose
and your relationship with a Higher Power

*All of these aspects work together to make you a whole person. What happens to one aspect can affect all the other aspects, thats why being confined to a bed with a sore back (physical) can lead to depression (emotional) or why denying your anger (emotional) can lead to a headache (physical).

* This relationship between your different aspects is often referred to as the
MIND / BODY / SPIRIT connection. Since all four parts of you must work in harmony to achieve wellness, each part needs your attention


Energy Works / Alberta Reiki Centre 

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