Energy Bubbles


   Energy Bubble

   The invisible forces at work

Our physical bodies are continually influenced by
energetic forces, causing many different reactions.

These energetic forces can be external or internal,
either way, we can learn to understand them,
how to harness them and how release them.

The Energy Bubble concept evolved from teaching Reiki and Colour Sound.
It was important for students and clients to understand their own Personal Space referred to as the Energy Bubble.

Slide56Within this Personal space exists subtle energies that filter in and out of the body through energy centres called chakras, the energy then travels along energy pathways called meridians to communicate with all the physical parts of the body. These exchanges of internal and external energies and how we filter and store these energies determine our health and wellness. It is important to keep everything in motion, when energy is stuck it can become stagnant and create blockages that cut off vital life force energy to our physical body which then creates sickness.

Your Energy Bubble = Your Personal Space.

You are totally in charge of your own “Energy Bubble”

Think of your personal space as your haven,  surrounded by a force field that filters all energies inward or outwards that can  deflect or dissolve anything that is negative or unwanted.

You can strengthen your own energy field to prevent negativity entering your personal space so that you can remain positive in any situation. No matter how crabby another person is, you do not have to become crabby too.

You can easily learn to identify what you would like to keep and what you would like to release, which energies are helping or hindering you, which energies  lighten you or weigh you down, which energies are from love or from fear.


Your  Soul Energy Centres
referred to as the Head, Heart and Hara.

Head – Thinking,
Heart- Feeling, 
Hara-  Being, or Action

You choose  your emotions, how you feel, how you act, how you respond, how you think. When you realize this, you are better able to be in control them and better able to create a balanced life filled with Love, Peace, Harmony, Joy. To be effective we need to communicate between all three centres