Energetically Thinking R.A.T.S.


“Energetically Thinking “

What we think …. we create….

What we create…..we become…

What are your thoughts creating?

Who or what are you becoming?

If we do not like who we are in this moment we can change, simply by making Conscious Choices.


R.A.T.S. –
Hazel is able to help you identify your own “thoughts, words, and deeds” that are debilitating you, then assist you to construct new thought processes. Hazel was inspired to create this program called R.A.T.S

Slide69Soul Guidance

Your Soul has your blueprint, your plan for this life.
When you learn to trust your Soul and to follow in your Souls` Footsteps you will always be guided to the best pathway for your own Highest Good.

Follow your Heart,  not your Head


“Windmills of the mind”

This is a not a new concept,
working with the conscious, subconscious
and super conscious minds.

At the turn of the 20th century there were
several people, including Mikao Usui, (Reiki)

Florence Scovel Schinn, (The Game Of Life) and
Joseph Murphy,  (The Power of The Subconscious Mind)
who understood the power and affects of our
thoughts, words and deeds.

They knew that these were purely
vibrations of energy that we send out and receive.

They also knew that
– by understanding this, we could consciously direct them constructively
to create good health and good fortune,
– our current health and well being was a direct link to our thought process,
– old thought patterns and beliefs can slow us down or prevent us from success,
– we have the ability to make changes if we choose to,
– we limit ourselves by how and what we think,


“Self Work creates Self Worth”

it is ALWAYS POSSIBLE”        


quotes from Hazel

Hazel wishes you every success in all you do and all you become.