Colour Sound

Sound is Audible Colour – Colour is Visible Sound

Many philosophers and mystics of old claimed that the medicine of the future would involve colour and sound therapy. They understood that light and sound were simply frequencies and vibrations and that we are all affected by these vibrations positively or negatively.

Colour and Sound impact our physical and emotional bodies every moment of every day, from the colours that we wear, eat or drink, to the colours we are surrounded by and from the sounds that we hear to the sounds that we make, including out thoughts.

For those who are musical, colour has a sound frequencies 40 octaves higher than the top note on a piano. We may not physically hear colour but we can see it. Think of a dog whistle, we do not physically hear it but we know dogs have more sensitive hearing and are able to hear it.

Hazel uses Tibetan bowls, Tuning Forks, Vocal Toning, plus various other sounds to help callibrate your energetic layers and centres, this will help restore balance and  harmony between them