Be the Observer


Observe –  Objective
Pay attention to; take notice; be watchful; be present but take no part in what is happening.

Observation – . Soul driven.
facts collected; facts are the truth. Neutral, no bias or agenda

Judge – Subjective
Form an opinion or give an opinion; estimate worth; come to a decision. Bias based, competition, comparison.

Judgment – EGO driven.
An opinion; power of discrimination; faculty of mental perception; criticism.

Be the Observer, be able to recognize when Take a step back, step out of the equation and observe what is happening to you and around you. It is from this vantage point that you will be able to see the bigger picture.

Everyone has FREE WILL to think for themselves.
Everyone has an opinion – their own thoughts, perspectives, or beliefs based on their own experiences and knowledge gained.

Their opinion is THEIR OPINION…. FULL STOP.

Thats it, we each have our own and its OK. It is simply an opinion, a perspective. Full Stop.

Set yourself FREE. Only if you allow others opinions to affect you will they have any control or influence over you. You do not have to agree, disagree, defend, convert, comment, approve, or disapprove. Thank you for sharing your opinion.

Yes I have my own opinion, thank you for asking.

Will I share it? No, not always. What I think and feel is my business, it may be similar, it may be different and that`s ok. Sometimes it is a matter of agree to disagree; simply accepting each others opinion. without trying to convince one or the other that theirs/yours is more important, right or wrong. Only when we get caught up in Ego do we create issues, arguments or get offended.

Ego always wants to be right or defend itself. It is ok to have different opinions


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