Be the change you want to be



It is important to realize that if you want to make changes in your life, you must begin on the inside first. The outside world is a mirror reflection of your inner world.

If there is chaos on the outside, look within to see what chaos you are experiencing in your own life and within yourself; what chaos you are experiencing within your own world; what chaos within your thoughts and emotions. Check in with your own contradictions, perhaps you say one thing but do the opposite, for example I will stop eating a certain food, then you eat some at the first opportunity.

If there is confusion, look within to see how you are confusing yourself, maybe you have mixed emotions or cannot make a decision, maybe you want to do something but are afraid to try.

When we want to change something in our own life, be it where we live, our jobs, our friends, ourselves, attitudes or habits, we often start with a desire or wish, then visualize what it may look and feel like, collect pictures, make a vision board or start saying affirmations to help create a focus on the desired outcome.

What many people do not realize is that

WE must BE THE CHANGE. We must be the catalyst that creates the action to bring about the changes we desire. Nothing happens unless we do something. It is our own responsibility.

What does that mean ?

First, it means we have to be willing to change.

Second, have a clear detailed vision of what the end result would look and feel like.

Third, start thinking, knowing and trusting it is already on its way or it already exists.

Fourth, take action steps to make it happen. Each day take steps that will bring your desires closer. Taking one step is better than no steps. We do what we can with what we have, NOW, TODAY.

If we want to be a square, we can no longer be a circle. When we change the inside first, the outside will follow. If we want to be loved, we must give love, starting with ourselves. If we want to be appreciated, we must start appreciating ourselves. We create our own happiness in life.


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