Hazel was born in Cheshire, England, where she taught high School before moving to  Canada in 1980 with her husband Dave.
She then worked in the Corporate world for over twenty years mostly in sales and management; Birks Jewellers for 14 yrs; Staples for 6 yrs, before choosing to create her own business, work from the heart and become an Intuitive Mentor. Hazel teaches about Self awarness, Self Empowerment and Self Realization.

Hazel has developed several effective techniques to assist students and clients to get in tune with themselves and be able to navigate their own challenges in their own lives with ease, Hazel has written a book called Explore Beyond the Physical Body – intuitively sensingEnergy Bubbles and is just about to complete her second book Empowering Moments. A third book called Weather your Emotions is also in the works.

Hazel is often referred to as The Catalyst  – an Intuitive Mentor that will assist you by giving you gentle nudges, but will not do it for you.  

The focus of an Intuitive Mentor (Catalyst ) is one of empowering a client to clearly see for themselves the most appropriate path forward such that they can make sustainable long term lifestyle changes for themselves.

An Intuitive Mentor will provide tools for motivation and self discovery and embraces the fact that no two clients will need to have the same approach in making lifestyle changes.

Reading self help books can assist you greatly, but what you also need to create a new way of living is valuable guidance as you develop your own inner gifts and abilities, this gives you the power to create your own life that is true and authentic for you, and only you.

An Intuitive Mentor can help you discover how to make these changes and can support you as you progress. Hazel embraces her intuitive skills to assist clients and students discover for themselves what they need to learn about themselves.

Hazel ensures each client feels comfortable and safe to experience and explore their own personal journey. She loves to teach, share knowledge and techniques that will encourage individuals to get back into the driving seat and take charge of their own health and well being.

Give a man a fish and you can feed him for a day
Teach a man to fish and feed him for life.

Hazel has a passion for teaching and assisting you to navigate your Iife Path.