Colour Therapy for ALL ages.

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How does Hazel help you?

Hazel assists you and your family make the changes needed to create a more harmonious, healthy, happy life. Her purpose is to help you become more Self Aware, Self Empowered, Self Reliant, Self Sustained and Self Motivated by encouraging you to take responsibility and an active role in your own SELF HEALING. 

Through interactive  learning, one-on-one mentoring, Hazel helps you to discover, for yourself, the important roles that your thoughts, words, and deeds play in your life. Her teaching methods are based on the theories behind Reiki, Colour Sound and Energy Work. Hazel has developed several techniques that will empower you to take action for yourself, just when you need it most -“In the moment”                                                                                                    

Everything, including emotions, thoughts, words and deeds has its own vibration and frequency, and they all impact us both externally and internally. When we can understand how those energies work, we can then harness those energies to work together in harmony, to create Health and Wellness, Peace and Joy. We can eliminate and release old beliefs and behaviour patterning that is preventing us resolving issues or moving forward, and we can change the energy that is stored in our tissues to promote wellness. Hazel offers practical simplistic approaches and techniques that help you change you look at life. Change your perception and everything changes.


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